What I ordered Vs what I got, Singer Niniola.

Niniola Apata the Maradona singer has decided to take to social media when what she ordered for went wrong.
The singer showed a photos of the dresses she ordered for and what she got which looks very bad.

All the singer wanted was the style made for Beyonce Queen B but instead she got something bad which she is not happy about.

Niniola states “all I wanted was Beyonce’s style oooo.Helpppppppp What’s Missing?,I just wanted Beyonce’s Style …”

Niniola was given a certificate of recognition from the Recording Academy for her work as a composer on the ablum Lion King 2 months ago.

The singer reduced the length of the short added a Hat and a mic inorder to know whether she can fit in, in the look she wanted, Beyonce style. As result of not getting the desired look she cry out for help in social media after what she ordered for really went bad.

Updated on June 22, 2020 at 4:40 PM and categorized under Gist and Lifestyle

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