Victoria Inyama , Writes As She Advises Fans

A Former Nollywood actress Victoria Inyama took to her social media to pen a beautiful motivational and inspirational piece of advise for her followers.
According to the mother of three, people need to learn never to allow others to define them.

her words were:-

“Do not let Anyone Define U

Ladies/ Gentlemen/ Dolls/Guys…

Our Roots have already done that in the most Complicated ways

U can change that We are all infinitely complex Beings, We should not be our Jobs/Diagnoses/etc Always define yourself in a Realistic/Expansive way so that we clearly see when others are trying to Define us in their own terms or in relation to what they want us to be.

Do not conform to that trendy negative name….Bitch..Dawg…

How do U feel about the way you appear within the Context of your Life? Are you truly Yourself? Do U feel that U can be U, no matter the Social Situation you’re In?

Are you the source of someone’s pain/tears? Hard to define me with the kinda music I love cause I love all sorts including this @olamide. ….. with a bit of saltiness

But in all we do, plsssss let’s be kind to each other….Don’t let greed, jealousy, poverty, define You…All our deeds have consequences

May the Evening of our life be d Best

Have a Splendid Evening”

Updated on March 10, 2020 at 2:34 PM and categorized under Gist and Lifestyle

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