Music artists: Ways to trend without Record Label Deals

Music artists: Ways to trend without Record Label Deals It is of general understanding that music is a universal language, be it Hip hop, Reggae, Blues, Amapiano, Traditional, Afrohouse or any genre of music you can think of. However, the business aspect of every music or video production lies in its promotion. No one would hear about your new track as an up and coming artiste if you do not have an effective marketing plan for that hot song of yours. This is the reason I have come up with cost effective ways, avenues or techniques with which you can leverage on to reach your target audience.

Music Promotion on Social Media

So many artists in the music industry today made use of their social media profiles or even pages to directly reach their fans on a regular basis. You too can go to any popular platform (like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube & Linkedin) and make your presence known if you have not done that already. By so doing, you create this attatchement between you and those who cherish what you are doing. When you finally record any interesting track you would like the world to listen to, you can always share them on your social media handles and let the magic happen. Depending on your page popularity (number of people who follow your updates) and how good the song you have produced, you can start getting popular already without spending any money. Although there are paid services in these platforms that can go ahead to elevate you if you have the necessary funds to run adverts.

Work on your lyrics and beat to produce good songs

There is an adage that says: a good commodity sells itself. That equally applies to sound recording. If you as an artiste successfully come out of the recording with a very interesting track that even your critics can not afford to reject, you have actually done like 40% job there is to do on marketing that particular track. One mistake with most upcoming artists is that they either engage in lyrics that their target audience need the same level of understanding with them before they can cherish their songs. Your tracks should be as simple, straight-forward and interesting as possible. Of course creativity will come in in the lyrics, it should equally come in in the beats (instrumentals)

Initiate fund raising Campigns for your songs

If I tell you that you do not need money to get your good sounds heard, then I must be joking. Such monies can be gotton from your immediate Fan-base who appreciate your style of songing or rapping. You can do this by setting up Concerts and inviting your loyal fans. With the funds generated from such exhibits, you can use it to run ads on social media to reach an even wider audience.

Do not Neglect Music Disk Jockeys (DJ)

One of the pillars of offline promotion is recommendation. If the you can sponsor your track(s) to be played by main, major DJs in your locality or nationality, it will go along way to gather more loyalists for you. Imagine paying to get featured in one of their Mixtapes, that is actually a hit, and if your song happens to be of quality, that means you are on your way to official recorgnition in that country's music industry. This approach of course go together with your online music promotion because, when people hear your new track, they will always come online to download or even stream that song as the case maybe.

Concluding on music promotion methods

The first step is to get a nice product. In a case where you are not sure how good your song is, look for critics around. When making changes to your track as per recommendations made by your critics, use your senses very well and remember that one man's food is another man's poison. But in a case where everyone is pointing at same thing, please make changes. Look for a streaming platform online, or a download portal where those who would like to listen to your tracks can go to without depending on Disk Jockeys (DJs) who play it. This step will get more mouths talking about your song and more ears listening. Goodluck in your effort to record that next big Song.