Jim Nwobodo – 2023 Presidency for Ndigbo

Addressing newsmen in his home in Enugu state on Monday, June 22, the 80-year-old government official, opined that surrendering the following Nigeria Presidency to an Igboman or lady was for the enthusiasm of equity, value, and reasonable play and asked every single ideological group to receive South East as the goal for its presidential competitors.

He went further to include that any individual who doesn’t have confidence in the 2023 Igbo administration venture, doesn’t wish Nigeria well.

“2023 will be the turn of South East to produce the Nigerian president. So, I am calling on other parts of the country to support the project for the interest of justice, equity and fair play. The South- East geo political zone of the country deserves to produce the next president who will succeed President Muhammadu Buhari in the next political dispensation.” he said

The legislator included that as a country existing under a tripartite plan of North, South and East, it would be significant for different locales of the nation to toss their full weight behind the South East as its continued looking for Igbo Presidency.

Former Governor of old Anambra, Jim Nwobodo, the Second Republic Governor of old Anambra State, has said that the 2023 Presidency has a place with the South East and no other area in the nation

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