Hollywood actress Niecy Nash spilts up with her husband Jay Tucker As they finalize their divorce

Hollywood actress,Niecy Nash spilts up with her husband after just filling for a divorce three months ago, is now official the the duo are finally dovorce.

According to TMZ reports that the 50-year-old Claws star will officially be able to consider herself single as of June 21.

According to court documents, Nash and Tucker have reached a settlement on their property. In the settlement, Nash will keep their home in Bell Canyon, Calif, and their 2016 Tesla while Tucker, an electrical engineer, will keep the 2011 Ford F-150 truck and receive a final payment of about $185,000 from Nash.

The ex-duo also agreed not to request spousal support as Nash will keep her production company known as Chocolate Chick.

Some time in December, Nash filed for a divorce, months after which the former couple jointly announced their breakup in October, of which the Duo said they were “better friends than partners in marriage.”

“Our union was such a gorgeous ride. And as we go our separate ways now, we feel fortunate for the love we share — present tense,” they wrote on social media.

According to DailyMail, the couple’s issues started amids strain over living in different cities, Nash’s graphic sex scenes on television and her hot new looks.

Nash and Tucker marriage lasted for 8 years after tying the knot in 2011. The actress previously was married to minister Don Dash, as they shared three children, daughters Dia and Donielle, and son Dominic.

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