Fan made me lose million naira deal – Mercy Eke

The Big Brother Nigeria reality show winner of 2019 edition, Mercy Eke disclosed that fan made her lose million naira deal with popular champagne brand.

Mercy said, she was approached by a champagne company that wanted her to sign a deal with them and also attend a party they wanted to organise and which she agreed.

This occurred on a Wednesday and Mercy should begin the initiation of the agreement was on Thursday which was the subsequent day, just for a fan to ruin the deal.

She disclosed to her housemates who were on the BBNaija 2019 Reunion show,that a fan called the company she had deal with to confirm whether news was true and also know whether she is will be attending the party organized by the champagne company.

Shockingly, the company staff told the fan that Mercy had no arrangement with the comoany and would not be going to the said party.

After the call, the fan was accounted for to post the data given on the internet and making internet user troll Mercy.

Mercy said, that turned out poorly with her. “Quickly I saw that, I called Chief Priest and mentioned to him what was happening on the internet and we concluded that if the company stated they don’t have any deal with me, me also don’t have any deal with them.

I told the organization that on the off chance that I would proceed with the arrangement, they should discharge an official statement saying that they know me and to likewise apologize.

“My Management made me return the cash since, they will not apologize and the harm has been done”

As indicated by her, she couldn’t proceed with the agreement, however the deal was a major and very much remembered one.

She accused the loss of cash, harm to her respectability and picture to the fan who proceeded to make open data that was false and furthermore not gotten from the correct source.

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